Take another minute, always

One of my bugbears is always being in a rush. Or, more accurately, trying to cram so much into the little time I have that I end up running about trying to fit it all in. Stressing. Take this morning for example. I start work at 10. I woke at 7:30. In the time between… Continue reading Take another minute, always

Music through the decades

There’s this thing that I do most nights and it began in early 2020. That thing is drink. Wine mostly, sometimes beer but usually it involves alcohol. As the weeks close and another Sunday is ready to be enjoyed I release a little on a Saturday evening and find myself getting drunker quicker. It’s lovely.… Continue reading Music through the decades

The Midnight Library: a review

So I finished the book that lots of people are talking about – The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Thank you sir. I loved it. At the start I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be my cup of tea as I began it with – of course – a cup of tea. I’m… Continue reading The Midnight Library: a review

If the dilemma is other’s opinions, it’s not your dilemma

After four long months I have finally spent a weekend at the beach – yipee! Oh how I loved it. I’ve written about this magical place before and each time I visit, I grow to love it more. The peaceful feeling, the space, freedom, chilled vibes, everything that makes life great. From the moment I… Continue reading If the dilemma is other’s opinions, it’s not your dilemma

My writing and me

I write for all sorts of reasons. It might be to get something off my chest; to keep a record of my days; to entertain others; to remember what I need to buy from the supermarket; an idea that turns into a short story and everything in between. Writing is everywhere for me and a… Continue reading My writing and me

One of those days

At the time of thinking about this blog post idea I was having one of those days. You know the kind. Behind before you’ve even started. Don’t know how you’ll fit everything in. Since then my one of those days has turned into one of those weeks. Months even. Hence the lack of blog posts… Continue reading One of those days

As good as it gets – the supermarket

We are all very used to the idea of a trip to the supermarket being as good as it gets. Especially for the past few months it has been about all we have been legitimately allowed to do. No longer do conversations go: “How was your week off?” “Great, we went to Spain. It was… Continue reading As good as it gets – the supermarket

My Editing Process

When thinking up material to put on my blog, I always think about what I would love to read as an aspiring writer. Some may find my advice incredibly boring. For some it might not work or it could be the complete opposite to what others do but this is me and this is how… Continue reading My Editing Process

Where I’m at…

I couldn’t think of a blog topic this week. I think it is because my head is so busy. It makes no sense really as I’d have thought the busier my head, the more ideas flowing about. In fact it is the opposite. I have nothing. Instead I thought it would be an interesting exercise… Continue reading Where I’m at…

SPRING has almost sprung and so has our gloominess

…out of the way! Let’s face it, the past year has been full of doom and gloom. Everywhere. It has been relentless. Keyworkers are on their knees without much energy left to continue. Those who have been shielding long to see the outdoors. People on furlough are praying they still have a job at the… Continue reading SPRING has almost sprung and so has our gloominess