About Me

My primary writing focus at the moment are my two novels. They are part of a sequel but can also both stand alone in the sense that the second novel doesn’t follow on from where the first left off and the issues covered are very different. In both cases, however, the novels are ultimately about the human condition giving them both a wide readership as many people can relate.

The first title, Dear Brannagh, out 30th November, is set in Dublin where my protagonist was brought up. She returns after thirty years away having been asked for help out of a difficult situation from her half-sister, Brannagh. The girls have never met but they have kept in touch through letters for their entire lives so Brannagh reaching to Mary for help rings alarm bells for her. Every step from there on after causes trouble and the end result is one that shocks all.

My second novel focuses on very current issues in the media such as the impact of social media on young people, particularly girls, and the huge issue of mental health in today’s society. It is set a year on from Dear Brannagh where Mary’s troubles have left her suffering from severe Bipolar disorder. She has been sectioned and writes a continuous diary throughout the novel. Her daughter, Erin, is sixteen and discovers the dangers of social media when a girl in her year at school commits suicide after reading personal nasty comments online. Both perspectives interweave throughout, with the added interpretation of it all from Mary’s son and Erin’s younger brother, Jack. Jack is a selective mute, young and largely an introvert giving an interesting stance, especially given the current events occurring around him.

Aside from both novels, I wish to expand my writing experience further and have recently written short stories for competition entries and I also continue to produce weekly content for my blog which can be found on the home page of this website. These blog posts come in the form of writing related articles portraying my personal experience of life as an aspiring writer, as well as poetry, and extracts from my novels and short stories, showcasing my fictional work.

Throughout my publishing experience with Dear Brannagh, I began a series on my blog which depicted my publishing journey and provided others with a personal insight into the publishing world if anyone is interested or thinking of going down that route. All posts begin My Publishing Journey…

I write to entertain, I write to progress, I write for therapy, I write to help others, I write to help myself, but my ultimate wish is for everybody reading my writing to enjoy it and take from it what they intended to take.