In case anyone is interested…

In case anyone is interested, I am a little nervous About the easing of restrictions and the opening of the world again. In case anyone is interested, I can’t get fully excited About social events, big events, because there is always the risk looming. In case anyone is interested, I may still wear a mask… Continue reading In case anyone is interested…

My Lockdown Google.

I think at some point this year we’ve all been in one or more of these places… GOOGLE THE CONFUSION! Here goes… Nearest OPEN takeaway near me… How to wear a Facemask… Which face coverings are acceptable? Is it acceptable to guide others on how to wear a face mask? What are the COVID rules?… Continue reading My Lockdown Google.

Honesty is the best policy, I hope you agree

Recently I’ve been feeling pretty flat yet frantic. Not drastically so just I’ve felt lower more often than I’ve felt like smiling. Anger has got the better of me and I feel so cross. All of the time. My head is so busy yet sometimes so empty. My fretting of the future has been amplified.… Continue reading Honesty is the best policy, I hope you agree

2020, I took a DAY OFF

It’s Monday. Monday 7th September 2020 and I am enjoying the first day off I’ve had all year. I am bloody loving it. I’m sat here at 2:10pm with a chilled glass of white wine, sat on a recliner and feeling happy from the inside out. It wasn’t until I heard a specialist discussing on… Continue reading 2020, I took a DAY OFF

2020 – an update

I’m chuckling to myself at how particular I am. I must tell you this before I begin. With everything from timings to activities and how I undertake them, I have to have everything just so. Maybe something is wrong with me? I don’t really care. Granted I have work at 10 so my free time… Continue reading 2020 – an update

Isolation: best of a bad situation 1-3

As with all of my Covid-19 related posts, I am trying to keep things as upbeat as possible. While I feel I haven’t properly experienced lock down due to being a key worker and work being busier than ever, I fully understand how people can find it difficult. Of course I miss things. I miss… Continue reading Isolation: best of a bad situation 1-3

Things isolation has taught me:

People can be kinder when stressed and worried People can be a lot nastier when stressed and worried I am lucky There is usually a solution Learning to just be is a very very healthy skill to learn There is always hope Beer/Wine IS essential It will take more than a pandemic to make my… Continue reading Things isolation has taught me:

Isolation: the reality

This is all a bit strange isn’t it? I think we’re all feeling a bit weird. I didn’t think that the isolation situation had got to me yet. All week I have been busying about at work with just a few hours out in which I cleaned my desk, played with my dog in the… Continue reading Isolation: the reality