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A lockdown anthology: Simplicity

When this is all over I will appreciate more. A trip to town, a mini-break at the beach, a hug, a social gathering, dinner with those you see the most, and dinner with those you see the least. I will certainly notice nature, let it bring happiness whenever I need it. The natural and pure. Children and mothers, wildlife, trees, grasses blowing in summer breeze, colours of lavender fields and smells of pollen.

I will enjoy sleep because I now know what it is to be deprived of it. Whenever I feel on top form and full of energy I will give thanks, for so long I have been run down during lockdown. Clear skin showing my radiance as opposed to spotty stress. A spring in my step and a smile on my face rather than clumping along with a frown.

Never again will I moan about slowness under pressure while waiting in queues. Instead I will understand the meaning of pressure and give the staff a break. I’ll try not to worry about money. I’ll endeavour to be kind.

When this is all over I will appreciate freedom we can so easily be denied. Lockdown 2020 – back to basics, simplicity and a love for life.

Published in the lockdown anthology: When This Is All Over edited by Jan Moran Neil and Adrian Spalding

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