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Music through the decades

There’s this thing that I do most nights and it began in early 2020. That thing is drink. Wine mostly, sometimes beer but usually it involves alcohol.

As the weeks close and another Sunday is ready to be enjoyed I release a little on a Saturday evening and find myself getting drunker quicker. It’s lovely. I think it’s because the weight of the working week lifts and the excitement for a lie in begins to build.

Two magnesium tablets, a bucket full of red and I felt ready for bed the other week when I started doing this other thing. As I went to brush my teeth I put random songs on Spotify. I had overplayed the current tracks throughout the week that I wanted to take it back down memory lane. And back I went.




2007… I had totally forgotten about Nizlopi JCB! Tune!

I was loving life, smiling at memories and enjoying hearing songs I had totally forgotten about. I think it wasn’t until two hours later that I finished brushing my teeth!

Now if ever I can’t decide what to listen to, which is happening frequently, I do this. Music through the decades, try it. It’s fun!

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