Music through the decades

There’s this thing that I do most nights and it began in early 2020. That thing is drink. Wine mostly, sometimes beer but usually it involves alcohol. As the weeks close and another Sunday is ready to be enjoyed I release a little on a Saturday evening and find myself getting drunker quicker. It’s lovely.… Continue reading Music through the decades

As good as it gets – the supermarket

We are all very used to the idea of a trip to the supermarket being as good as it gets. Especially for the past few months it has been about all we have been legitimately allowed to do. No longer do conversations go: “How was your week off?” “Great, we went to Spain. It was… Continue reading As good as it gets – the supermarket

SPRING has almost sprung and so has our gloominess

…out of the way! Let’s face it, the past year has been full of doom and gloom. Everywhere. It has been relentless. Keyworkers are on their knees without much energy left to continue. Those who have been shielding long to see the outdoors. People on furlough are praying they still have a job at the… Continue reading SPRING has almost sprung and so has our gloominess

My Lockdown day

I haven’t really experienced lockdown in true stay-at-home-for-days-weeks-months-on-end style. I go to work six days a week, try to lay in on my one day off and usually wake up at 5 a.m. due to my body’s inability to break the routine. Today (it is a Sunday, I am writing this on a Sunday but… Continue reading My Lockdown day

My Lockdown Google.

I think at some point this year we’ve all been in one or more of these places… GOOGLE THE CONFUSION! Here goes… Nearest OPEN takeaway near me… How to wear a Facemask… Which face coverings are acceptable? Is it acceptable to guide others on how to wear a face mask? What are the COVID rules?… Continue reading My Lockdown Google.

Podcasts picked from a podcast

2021, a third national lockdown and barely an end in sight means we’re all searching for things to do. Many are furloughed still and have plenty of time on their hands, others are working and need an escape but whatever your personal situation, I have an idea for you! I’m a sucker for Podcasts. Sometimes… Continue reading Podcasts picked from a podcast

Let me tell you about gin…

It’s not news to hear about 2020 being a year like no other where everybody is clueless, scared and drinking too much. My current book on the go is Dawn O’Porter’s Life In Pieces and I’ve just finished Piece 4 which is all about booze. I’m not the first and so unashamed to say that… Continue reading Let me tell you about gin…

2020: shall we all just scream for ice cream?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! A well known phrase which, while drinking the third beer on my Sunday last week I desperately wanted to perform. I wouldn’t have stopped at the end though. Oh no. I’d have screamed and screamed and screamed until they could hear me, er, somewhere over… Continue reading 2020: shall we all just scream for ice cream?

Where’s my 2020 diary?

2020. What even is a diary by this stage?…. I’m a sucker for a page to day diary and, under normal circumstances, would use one all the time. Every task I intend to complete each week is noted down on the day I will complete it. It helps me remain focussed and disciplined with my… Continue reading Where’s my 2020 diary?