Take another minute, always

One of my bugbears is always being in a rush. Or, more accurately, trying to cram so much into the little time I have that I end up running about trying to fit it all in. Stressing. Take this morning for example. I start work at 10. I woke at 7:30. In the time between… Continue reading Take another minute, always

One of those days

At the time of thinking about this blog post idea I was having one of those days. You know the kind. Behind before you’ve even started. Don’t know how you’ll fit everything in. Since then my one of those days has turned into one of those weeks. Months even. Hence the lack of blog posts… Continue reading One of those days

As good as it gets – the supermarket

We are all very used to the idea of a trip to the supermarket being as good as it gets. Especially for the past few months it has been about all we have been legitimately allowed to do. No longer do conversations go: “How was your week off?” “Great, we went to Spain. It was… Continue reading As good as it gets – the supermarket

My Lockdown Google.

I think at some point this year we’ve all been in one or more of these places… GOOGLE THE CONFUSION! Here goes… Nearest OPEN takeaway near me… How to wear a Facemask… Which face coverings are acceptable? Is it acceptable to guide others on how to wear a face mask? What are the COVID rules?… Continue reading My Lockdown Google.

I’m not crying, you are – Adulthood in a nutshell

I have a dear friend who always says about the importance of a good cry and no better time than the present for this to ring true. NB: This isn’t a negative post but more celebrating the goodness crying does for us all. Being a girl, I am obviously aware of the feeling of wanting… Continue reading I’m not crying, you are – Adulthood in a nutshell

Some things I’ve learnt in the pandemic…

This year is so strange, isn’t it? When it all began I was so sure it’d be over by now. Instead, I’m chilling with my dog, listening to it all over the news and not allowed into my bedroom because my sister is working from home. This virtual existence is odd. A new job and… Continue reading Some things I’ve learnt in the pandemic…

Less time, more grateful

There’s no doubt about it, this year has denied us all of time. I’m currently watching the news and feel it is never ending. France now on the quarantine list. The Netherlands. We’ve got to grip onto any positivity. As lock down eases, I am certainly feeling more and more grateful for the time I… Continue reading Less time, more grateful

Week Review – I’m excited to walk again

If anyone read my snippet from last week or knows me personally, you’ll know all about burn-gate and the story of how I managed to get myself a second degree burn. All medical folk I spoke to or showed said I should’ve gone straight to A&E. It was BAD. Fast forward a week and I… Continue reading Week Review – I’m excited to walk again

Thoughts and feels

For the past two days I’ve been dragging myself along, frankly pissed off about how quickly the weekend went by. Did we even have one?! I frequently long for a week off, a long weekend or even just a day to get away from this madness…and then I watched the news. BIG mistake. It’s all… Continue reading Thoughts and feels

I had a plan on a sunday

So in the UK the lock down is starting to be eased a little. All over the news there are various stories of the ways in which countries are easing things in a desperate attempt to get back to some sort of normality. Whether I agree or disagree with each government’s approach (I honestly think… Continue reading I had a plan on a sunday