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SPRING has almost sprung and so has our gloominess

…out of the way!

Let’s face it, the past year has been full of doom and gloom. Everywhere. It has been relentless. Keyworkers are on their knees without much energy left to continue. Those who have been shielding long to see the outdoors. People on furlough are praying they still have a job at the end of it all. Dogs are praying that their owners never have to go to work again.

News. We can’t get away from it. It is the main topic of every day conversations because we don’t have much else to say. It is hard to plan because we must rely on data that we currently don’t have. We are still very much living through the pandemic.

Not only has Boris’ announcement on Monday brought a wave of optimism into this otherwise shit show, but the weather seems to have brightened with the news. Working last Saturday was almost like a spring day and I nearly didn’t take my coat with me for a dog walk after.

We all know having lived through a number of lockdown situations now that staying home in the summer is a lot more pleasant than during January and February. They are the worst months of the year in normal circumstances let alone lockdown during a global pandemic.

I think usually we aren’t aware of the sluggish feeling that comes with getting through these two months. March arrives and we instantly feel better unaware that we were feeling bad before. This year that feeling has been ever present and the thought of March and spring and sunshine and birds and being outdoors feels like heaven on earth.

Well. I’m pleased to say that this feeling certainly came a week early and the weather has boosted the country. It’s brighter, lighter, the birds are louder, people’s smiles are bigger, everyone is outside.

Long may it last!

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