My writing and me

I write for all sorts of reasons. It might be to get something off my chest; to keep a record of my days; to entertain others; to remember what I need to buy from the supermarket; an idea that turns into a short story and everything in between. Writing is everywhere for me and a… Continue reading My writing and me

My Editing Process

When thinking up material to put on my blog, I always think about what I would love to read as an aspiring writer. Some may find my advice incredibly boring. For some it might not work or it could be the complete opposite to what others do but this is me and this is how… Continue reading My Editing Process

Where I’m at…

I couldn’t think of a blog topic this week. I think it is because my head is so busy. It makes no sense really as I’d have thought the busier my head, the more ideas flowing about. In fact it is the opposite. I have nothing. Instead I thought it would be an interesting exercise… Continue reading Where I’m at…

My Perfect Writing Day

On my own terms. Preferably a day off from my day job. Waking up on my own accord and consuming two lovely hot beverages; be it tea or coffee, equally lovely, before doing anything else. I would usually begin with reading something entirely unrelated to whatever it is I plan to write. For at least… Continue reading My Perfect Writing Day

A lock down anthology: when this is all over…

The other day I made time to sit down and read through Writing Magazine. Inside was a lovely idea from Jan Moran Neil for a lock down anthology. It will be called When this is all over… she welcomes a selection of poetry and prose of no more than 200 words. ‘Your thoughts, wishes, hopes,… Continue reading A lock down anthology: when this is all over…

a lock down novel: 7

(a snippet of) Chapter 7, Mary Days have merged into weeks when I have felt permanently exhausted, entirely drained. I have felt fidgety as if I want to get outside and do things but the thought of physically acting upon that drives me crazier still, so I have mostly remained here in my room. The… Continue reading a lock down novel: 7


(a snippet of) Chapter 6, Erin Orange. The entire room had a glowing tint of orange and when we walked in, I hadn’t ever thought of orange as a particularly warming colour, but my mind was more focussed upon mum’s behaviour in a public setting so most of my attention was on that. Saying that… Continue reading A LOCK DOWN NOVEL: 6


(a snippet of) Chapter 2, Erin Erin struggled to place Flo’s harness over her head and attach the lead because she was so overexcited for the fact that they would be leaving the house but once she had a treat in her hand and gave firm commands, Flo obeyed and they were ready to go.… Continue reading A LOCK DOWN NOVEL: 2

In all of this breathe in the good and breathe out the bad…

I was walking home this morning from some friends who let me stay. My sister has just arrived home from Mayuma and so near to her I do not wish to be! She must quarantine for two weeks and before then she needed my bed. So I had to ask my dear friends if I… Continue reading In all of this breathe in the good and breathe out the bad…

Dalliance (Part 3)

He was the first person to decide things for her. He was the first to control when she got up, what she did in a day, what time she left to go home and what time she would be going out again. He didn’t much care for fashion and particularly liked her style, it was… Continue reading Dalliance (Part 3)