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Let me tell you about gin…

It’s not news to hear about 2020 being a year like no other where everybody is clueless, scared and drinking too much. My current book on the go is Dawn O’Porter’s Life In Pieces and I’ve just finished Piece 4 which is all about booze.

I’m not the first and so unashamed to say that yes, I have drank far too much during 2020. I think I’ve had maybe one or two full days without consuming a single drop of the good stuff – ew.

But let me tell you about gin.

Gin is a drink which I love but dip in and out of. Wine is a constant, as is beer, but my consumption of gin appears in phases. I find it a refreshing drink to have on a warm summers day and also enjoy it during Christmas time in the depths of the cold so there is no logical explanation to this, it simply just happens.

One factor which does influence my gin intake is calorie counting and a poor effort to diet. I’ve googled calories within various alcoholic beverages numerous times throughout the year and while wine is awful (ly great but bad for losing weight) it’s surprising how few or many calories certain drinks have. I’ve been known to buy a crate of Corona for the week’s consumption after discovering only 133 calories in each bottle. There’s more in Coke and I’m certainly not sticking to water of an evening.

I digress.

It is well known that gin and tonic is (I think) low in calories. This is one huge reason why I rekindled my love for it recently.

I’m lucky to have a friend, well more like family actually – let’s call him framily – who used to bar-tend in America. He takes pride in his making of beverages. With this well known fact I asked him to make me a gin and tonic the other day.

It was SO GOOD.

Refreshing, clean tasting, strong, light, everything you could ever dream of in two substantial glasses.

It’s important to take the good from this year and these drinks are definitely towards the top of the list.

It’s Friday so even the more restrained of us will probably be having a drink tonight. Make it gin. But it won’t be as good. That’s all from me this week.

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