One of those days

At the time of thinking about this blog post idea I was having one of those days. You know the kind. Behind before you’ve even started. Don’t know how you’ll fit everything in. Since then my one of those days has turned into one of those weeks. Months even. Hence the lack of blog posts… Continue reading One of those days

Less time, more grateful

There’s no doubt about it, this year has denied us all of time. I’m currently watching the news and feel it is never ending. France now on the quarantine list. The Netherlands. We’ve got to grip onto any positivity. As lock down eases, I am certainly feeling more and more grateful for the time I… Continue reading Less time, more grateful

Easy Like A Sunday Morning: a writer’s take

Sundays. What a brilliant day. Aren’t they just the best day of the week? No work (for most people), a quiet space (in most places) and an all round chilled vibe. As an aspiring writer, I struggle through the week to squeeze everything into my tight schedule. Of course, I have a full time job… Continue reading Easy Like A Sunday Morning: a writer’s take