Happy Love Day

Valentines day can be lovely. Huge bouquets of flowers, champagne for breakfast and a celebration of the many strong relationships out there. #couplegoals It can also be sad, lonely and make you feel sick to the stomach. I have heard people in long term healthy relationships wretch at the gushy messages they see or extravagant… Continue reading Happy Love Day

My small and local Christmas shop

This year has been different, dreadful and dire for small businesses. Month after month businesses were faced with new restrictions to work with on top of losing business altogether during each lockdown. I remember sitting at home after a long week at work and watching the news. It was just after Liverpool were put into… Continue reading My small and local Christmas shop

How’s your January?

Bleak, dismal, grey, tiring, sad, long, monotonous, cold, dark. These are a few words that people use to describe the month of January. How is yours going? The period after Christmas is always strange. The new year brings a lot of excitement and anticipation initially, but a week in and everyone is scared of the… Continue reading How’s your January?

Appreciating England

There’s a place that I go to and it’s on the coast. Whenever we drive there along the winding roads and through the leafy trees of summer with banks scattered in wild flowers, I am happy. Some flowers are planted for purpose, looking content where they are, some just sprouting as wild as the weeds… Continue reading Appreciating England

5 things that make February great that isn’t Valentines Day

Hello to all you singletons out there, or those in happy relationships who steer well clear of the mushy, gushy romantic yet commercial products that come with Valentines Day. The heart shaped balloons in all card shops and petrol stations; the cards plastered with ‘I love you’ followed by lengthy verses declaring this love with… Continue reading 5 things that make February great that isn’t Valentines Day

8 things I’ve learned in a festive fortnight

So we’ve done it. Congratulations. We have all survived the festivities, the copious amounts of drinking, the spending too much time in close proximity with family, the last minute shopping and wrapping on Christmas eve, JUST before midnight. We’ve reached the in between days when, as many memes on social media will tell you, nobody… Continue reading 8 things I’ve learned in a festive fortnight

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