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An honest hello

As I wiped away the thick dust covering my blog, I re-read some recent (or not so recent) posts and it appears I’ve been pretty useless on the writing front for about a year! I wrote last March how I hoped to get back into it and write more regularly but sometimes I think you just have to realise that life will get in the way and this isn’t such a bad thing at all.

I haven’t written so much because I have been managing a business, managing a household and bills and all sorts of adult daily tasks. But managing I have, which is a big tick in life especially with everything being in such turmoil in the world and bills being so damn expensive.

I’ve not been so vocal because two of my closest friends moved away so I have adjusted to daily life without them, adjusted to missing them completely but knowing that our time together will be of such quality.

Blogging has been virtually nonexistent because I have been enjoying my new home, hosting with friends, loving every inch of it, sharing the space with my sister, being at peace when with people and without but also learning to be on my own on dark days – becoming stronger.

Free time has been spent in different ways and I have had some brilliant times away. I have visited my family over the sea in Northern Ireland, seen my brother get married, walked for miles non-stop chatting to the people I love, spent a lot of time at the beach.

I haven’t written so much because I have been living and to write good stuff you need to live. You need to have experiences to make up stories. Though I do know the importance of finding time.

So here’s a big honest hello…

I read something brilliant the other day written by Fearne Cotton. She said: ‘I don’t feel necessarily fired up and motivated for 2023, yet do not feel bleak about it either. I don’t want to think of a year as a block of time where it will either be great or awful.
For all of us, there will be good days, bad days, beautiful hours, stressful minutes, peaceful nights, tense 3am’s, plain sailing months, tumultuous weeks. Ebb and flow, peaks and troughs, ever-changing everything.’

Exactly that.

I’m not going to promise a third novel will come out of 2023 I just hope I write more. Baby steps… I hope spring brings joy to all, I certainly can’t wait for it. My wish is for there to be more good days than bad and more sunshine than rain. I hope that by the end of the year we can all hold our heads high and say truly that we gave it our best shot.