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So, I’ve committed myself to a blog post per month. Manageable for now. If I manage more then that’s fabulous! If not I won’t beat myself up. But twelve blog posts per year minimum beats my current track record of one! Life happens as it has done massively over recent years *see post below, and the post below that and so on!* and I’ve learnt a lot about my writing style. Words hit me like BAM. And I can’t stop. I NEED to get it down in writing. I want to as well, of course I do, but it is absolutely a need. This is where the good stuff happens it simply cannot be regimented and planned.

It happened to me on Christmas morning when I had to take myself off for five minutes to write out the piece that was being created inside my mind. It happens often in messages to loved ones when I really feel the need to express strongly.

I’ll be walking along doing something completely ordinary like delivering some groceries to an elderly lady and, while walking, my mind writes a scene from a story or depicts in words the beauty I just experienced when looking out onto the fields over the pond. Train journeys I find are incredible places in which to let the mind wander and let the creative juices flow. While washing dishes, weeding the garden, walking to and from work, before falling asleep at night, just as I wake up – in fact I write all the time.

People often ask me about my writing habits. Am I working on a new novel? Have I written anything lately?! It’s lovely to hear enthusiasm for something that I adore. While I try my best to make time and I know I’ll never lose the enthusiasm, I’m learning to accept that sometimes modern, fast paced, not-enough-time-in-the-day life gets one step ahead of my putting pen to paper. Who am I kidding? Getting out my laptop and typing…

January is a great place to start this promise to myself and my followers. Month numero uno! Of the year 2024. Some see it as a dark, tiring and sad month. I see it as a month of hope and looking forward to the excitement of spring and summer. We’ve got it all still to look forward to!! And so I begin…

Live each day like it is your last.

Absolutely do that. They won’t all be good days but be grateful and see good in each and every day. Even Mondays.

Help others often.

Smile. Bask in a lay in. Soak up the beauty in nature. Get excited for sunsets, lightness. Enjoy that morning cuppa, enjoy drinking it while it’s still hot. And I mean really enjoy it. Look up at the stars and be totally amazed when it’s a clear night. Scream in joy when children tell you their achievements. Breathe in the freshness of air by the sea. Of cold air.

Love dogs. Like each and every one that comes into your life. Unless you’re scared of dogs. Then love something else but truly love it. And still love dogs. From afar! In fact love in some way every day. Love it like it’s your last chance to love something.

Hug often. We take for granted the power of an embrace. Laugh too. Like a six year old. I read somewhere recently that ‘six year olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15-100 times a day.’ Change that statistic.

Even when it’s dark outside, notice the light. On rainy days see beauty in a mundane drive with music blaring out and sing at the top of your lungs! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to turn the music down or sing quieter!

Be. Just be.

We have the entire year ahead of us. A year that will be full of so many good, positive, happy days. Let’s be optimistic this January. Let’s not see it as a blue month. Notice hope. Remain upbeat. Rest and relax into this new ride we call 2024. Take time out to be. Just be.

If I don’t see you before, I’ll check back in February. Let’s do this. We’ve got this!

Love always, H x

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