8 things I’ve learned in a festive fortnight

So we’ve done it. Congratulations. We have all survived the festivities, the copious amounts of drinking, the spending too much time in close proximity with family, the last minute shopping and wrapping on Christmas eve, JUST before midnight.

We’ve reached the in between days when, as many memes on social media will tell you, nobody knows what day it is and it is perfectly acceptable to crack open the champers at 10 am.

Almost as if illustrating the slow motion way of life that these days bring in taking hours to get anything done, I have been writing this post for about four days.

So, without further ado, I shall now present to you eight things I have learned over a festive fortnight.

  1. Biscuits are better than chocolates, this year at least

I have found myself living on a biscuit here and there to increase my sugar levels so that I don’t fall over rather than substantial meals during the lead up to Christmas day. Working in retail means that the week before Christmas is chaos and so the consumption of a nutritious sandwich at lunchtime flies right out of the window. Instead, a can of coke or a nice tasty biscuit for breakfast suits perfectly fine.

2. Four legged friends are the best except when they steal your biscuits

Not only has work been frantic over the festive period, but I’ve been house-sitting so been making sure I take good care of a feisty, excitable kitten and the most loyal chocolate Labrador you’ll ever meet. This has been fun and they’ve definitely kept me entertained making me smile throughout the day, however a certain kitten takes a fancy to EVERYTHING I eat. Yesterday she paw planted my scone and took half for herself. Ridiculous.

3. NOBODY is EVER ready for Christmas day

Constant questions to create small talk within shops ‘Are you ready for the big day?’ Who is ever ready? Absolutely no-one. In fact what does that statement even mean?!

4. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time

Now, I’ve written about making time for yourself and ways to make efficient use of your time so that you have more of it, but I have realised over this year’s festivities that sometimes there simply isn’t enough of the stuff. While sitting down for my forth viewing of the first run through of the film Love Actually and noticing that I’d not even reached the half way mark, I decided that at Christmas, nobody has enough time. This is something you simply must accept.

5. There are so many benefits to walking

Whether it’s a mile long stroll or an eight mile serious hike, there’s so much good that comes from walking. From burning off the extra bubble and squeak portion you gave yourself on Boxing Day to a therapeutic escape with a good friend, if ever you’re at a loose end go out and walk. I have walked so much over the festive period and I always feel great for doing so.

6. Coffee Liqueur is a massive hit

It all started at the work Christmas party when I fancied something (alcoholic of course) different to wine. I was recommended a sort of Irish Coffee which went down a treat and became my night cap that evening too. Then, as if telepathic, my Dad bought me a lovely bottle of coffee liqueur for Christmas. Served on ice, in a cocktail or ice cold from the fridge, the stuff is wonderful and one of my new favorite drinks to end an evening. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

7. Setting reminders to reply to people is still a thing

Yes, even with three whole days off I found myself setting reminders on my phone to reply to texts that I received days ago yet hadn’t responded to. Texts from friends I don’t see very often and those it was wonderful to hear from. I always find having more time makes me procrastinate more and this showed from my failing communication abilities. If you give me half an hour to do twenty tasks no doubt they will all get completed and if you give me four hours to do the same amount they will still get completed just take four hours.

8. It is never ever too early to start drinking

It’s New Years Eve, I’ve just finished work and I have a bottle and a half of white wine chilling in the fridge accompanied by some sloe gin made by friends and, of course, my coffee liqueur.

It’s never too early, there is always something to cheers to I just have to decide which to consume first! However, my loyal Lab is lying next to me so before things get messy, I shall enjoy our final dog walk of 2018.

I hope it’s been a good year for everyone and I hope 2019 brings you all lots of happiness.

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