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5 things that make February great that isn’t Valentines Day

Hello to all you singletons out there, or those in happy relationships who steer well clear of the mushy, gushy romantic yet commercial products that come with Valentines Day.

The heart shaped balloons in all card shops and petrol stations; the cards plastered with ‘I love you’ followed by lengthy verses declaring this love with empty words; the chocolates and sweets that never sell so us lone rangers wait for them to be discounted after the big day is over so we can indulge in the tastiness while binge watching Netflix on our own – bliss.

I may sound rather cynical and though I would happily welcome a relationship into my life, I highly doubt that Valentines Day would be an occasion that I would celebrate – I simply don’t see the point.

I’m all for telling friends and family I love them every day, declaring our love for one another more enthusiastically after a few too many G&T’s at the pub and I am sure I would be the same with my partner, all very true expressions of love. However, Valentines goes that extra mile and quite frankly makes me want to spew.

After filling up at the BP Garage yesterday and witnessing the scenes, I thought I would share with you five things that I think make February a short but sweet month. Here is all that is great about February minus the Valentines garbage.

February means eggs

Yes, though Easter is still a long way off, the British marketing teams don’t fail to impress by bringing out eggs into stores before the end of the festive season. The aisle are filled with tasty delights just when everybody is trying to shift the pounds that they gained over Christmas.

But really, can anyone refrain from demolishing entire packs of Galaxy Golden Eggs in one sitting? Delicious!

February brings lighter days

Yesterday was the first time in as long as I can remember that I walked to work at seven thirty in the morning and it was light. No more torch on to guide me, no more slipping on ice (I hope), no more checking the time to see if I have left an hour or two early by mistake becasue who wants to start work in the dark?!

Not only are the mornings getting lighter but the evenings are drawing out too. I do love the elongated days that we are so lucky to have in England. This was one thing I found when travelling the world. In Australia despite the glorious sunshine throughout the day, it still got dark at 6pm or just after.

Bring on the long nights, the pub garden post work in the bright sunshine and perhaps time for a morning walk too.

February welcomes snowdrops and daffodils

At risk of sounding fifty years older than I am, I noticed the snowdrops coming out on our dog walk the other day and recently too I have seen the start of daffodils creeping up from the ground.

The winter months draw out and after the stunning scenes that autumn brings when the leaves turn a warm orange in contrast to the temperature outside, the bareness of winter can get you down. Seeing the beauty that is spring developing through February is another great thing about this month.

February means warmth

FINALLY, after so long there is hope that in the not too distant future we will be able to venture outdoors without our coats on. No scarf, no gloves, no hat, no layers!

For the first time in a long while I felt the heat of the sun on my back yesterday and it felt good.

February is short

In opposition to January, February is the shortest month of the year and will fly by bringing March. Not wanting to wish my life away but merely looking forward to the positivity that comes with spring and summer.

Happy people, happy days, sunshine, cocktails, lighter brighter months and so much more.

So whether you’re single or not, if you like the soppy romantic lark or loathe it, there is so much in this short month of February to be happy about.

On that note, I best get this post published before the month is out!

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