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Thoughts and feels

For the past two days I’ve been dragging myself along, frankly pissed off about how quickly the weekend went by. Did we even have one?!

I frequently long for a week off, a long weekend or even just a day to get away from this madness…and then I watched the news. BIG mistake.

It’s all such doom and gloom, so terrifying. Despite keeping going for the duration so far, yesterday it got to me a bit.

Yet today is a new one and this morning it’s those little things that have got me going. The sunshine, an hour longer in bed, a proper shower with time to pluck my eyebrows and take time with my make up – am I on holiday?!

I have work in just over an hour but wanted to share this snippet with you. It’s hard at the moment to feel good all the time. However, there is so much to feel good about! It’s always the littlest things that make you realise this. I think so anyway.

🙂 H x

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Adulthood Non-fiction Observations Writing

I had a plan on a sunday

So in the UK the lock down is starting to be eased a little. All over the news there are various stories of the ways in which countries are easing things in a desperate attempt to get back to some sort of normality.

Whether I agree or disagree with each government’s approach (I honestly think it’s the hardest thing to control) we stuck by the rules and had a socially distanced barbecue planned for the weekend. This meant that it was my first Sunday with a plan in over two months. Wow.

As I showered at 1pm having done some productive things but mostly worked on my tan while reading my book in the garden, a thought came to me.

How was I rushing? How had life already come to being rushed again?

Throughout lock down my social media feeds have been swarmed with boredom but also people noticing things. Many have noticed how much time is in a day once you’re off the mad rush that is working life.

They have noticed nature, people, things about themselves that passed them by before. It has appeared as a wonderful revelation and one that most will want to stick in life post lock down. Yet, day one in getting back to some form of functioning society and I am struggling to find the time?!

Sunday is the one day a week that I get to experience lock down. For the past two months (though working a little on some) my Sunday’s have noticably been the slowest day of the week.

I have enjoyed slow mornings. Getting up slowly has been luxurious and enjoying a warm beverage before it has turned cold due to me becoming preoccupied with a matter of higher priority at work has been great. It really is the little things

It has been liberating to realise that I don’t know what time it is or where I have left my phone or having no limits to an acceptable time to relax with a large glass of red.

Even on mornings when I have crammed lots of writing and reading and planning in, feeling positive and productive, I will look at the clock to find it is only midday.

Truthfully, Sunday’s have become a beautifully happy blur like that feeling in between tipsy and drunk. You don’t quite know what’s going on and you’re gradually beginning to lose control, but it feels just lovely.

There I was on a Sunday with a plan. For the first time I had to rush. I had an hour to get ready and still struggled. My day suddenly felt exceedingly short.

I consider myself fairly organised and good with time management but there I was, failing. I’m not too sure how it happened, but maybe life post lock down won’t be slower.

Maybe modern life and the way we’ve shaped it can’t be slower. Or maybe we just need to find time amidst the chaos to give ourselves a mini lock down experience in stopping, appreciating, noticing and loving life.

[inserts hands in air emoji]

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


14 small snippets of life advice from a rookie…

never start a day without a caffeinated beverage

toe nails look better painted

avoid replying to a text or beginning a new text conversation after getting into bed at night or getting out of it in the morning, particularly if it’s risky, your head won’t be in the right place

always have a glass of water by your bed (especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol)

in-date milk is a staple to your fridge contents and an ingredient to tea, and tea is life

always make time to read, listen to music and learn new things from interesting people

stop, breathe and think before immediately turning to anger

hold onto memories – take lots of pictures, keep a diary or pin them down somehow

notice the little things all around you; the birdsong, the colours, the smell of the air

if it is sunny, GET OUTSIDE

sometimes (a lot of the time) it’s better to say absolutely nothing

listen to those with more experience than yourself

always have a supply of chocolate/ wine

whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy


These things make me happy, and happiness makes life good.

Dogs greeting me with so much enthusiasm no matter how long it’s been since I last saw them, this makes me smile.

A sunny day when the world seems brighter no matter what I’m thinking inside nor how many mundane tasks or irritating people I must encounter during the day. It is always a good day when it’s sunny.

Friends who make me laugh, make me feel loved and give me a sense of feeling complete. Without them I would never be happy.

People who are just up for a laugh. Never taking life too seriously, never reading too much into things just laughing in the moment and usually not at much.

A glass of wine outside is one of the best things in this world. Whether I’m in Italy, Spain or my garden at home I always enjoy a cold glass of the good stuff more when I am consuming it outdoors.

Walking freely in pretty landscapes brings a smile to my face and fills me with glee right to my insides. I love to appreciate what is right on my doorstep and I am so lucky to have such a beautiful countryside surrounding me so the closer to home, the happier I am.

Learning new things gives me an extra buzz of happiness. Whether it’s learning how to cook a new dish or learning something interesting that I didn’t know about a person who means something to me – filling my days with newness is always a good thing.

Flowers (and plants) are also something that I love and make me smile. It is in fact a proven thing that having greenery in your work environment enhances the good vibes but I don’t need science to tell me that it does. My desk isn’t complete if my pot isn’t filled with pretty flowers or a plant of some sort.

All things sweet. From a chocolate, to ice cream, to sugary sweets to a jug of Pimms. I have a sweet tooth and with these things life is good.

Choosing to walk rather than drive from place to place.

A substantial snack when my Hanger is getting the better of me. (Yes, Hanger, not hunger)

A glug of water and appreciating that I have access to this.

Clean and tidy spaces.

Candles in my room and my lamp on while reading in bed.

A cheeky pint on my way home when I hadn’t planned to. (Things are always better when they’re spontaneous)

Listening to the rain but not being outside in it.


Positive people and enthusiasm.

The sea. Oh the sea makes me as cheerful as I’ll ever be. Being by the sea is so freeing and carefree. Come rain or shine give me a beach, sea breeze and good company and I’m there.

As the weather tries to eek out winter and prolong the springtime, I felt it appropriate to write a post about all things good in life. These things make me happy, and happiness makes life good.