These things make me happy, and happiness makes life good.

Dogs greeting me with so much enthusiasm no matter how long it’s been since I last saw them, this makes me smile.

A sunny day when the world seems brighter no matter what I’m thinking inside nor how many mundane tasks or irritating people I must encounter during the day. It is always a good day when it’s sunny.

Friends who make me laugh, make me feel loved and give me a sense of feeling complete. Without them I would never be happy.

People who are just up for a laugh. Never taking life too seriously, never reading too much into things just laughing in the moment and usually not at much.

A glass of wine outside is one of the best things in this world. Whether I’m in Italy, Spain or my garden at home I always enjoy a cold glass of the good stuff more when I am consuming it outdoors.

Walking freely in pretty landscapes brings a smile to my face and fills me with glee right to my insides. I love to appreciate what is right on my doorstep and I am so lucky to have such a beautiful countryside surrounding me so the closer to home, the happier I am.

Learning new things gives me an extra buzz of happiness. Whether it’s learning how to cook a new dish or learning something interesting that I didn’t know about a person who means something to me – filling my days with newness is always a good thing.

Flowers (and plants) are also something that I love and make me smile. It is in fact a proven thing that having greenery in your work environment enhances the good vibes but I don’t need science to tell me that it does. My desk isn’t complete if my pot isn’t filled with pretty flowers or a plant of some sort.

All things sweet. From a chocolate, to ice cream, to sugary sweets to a jug of Pimms. I have a sweet tooth and with these things life is good.

Choosing to walk rather than drive from place to place.

A substantial snack when my Hanger is getting the better of me. (Yes, Hanger, not hunger)

A glug of water and appreciating that I have access to this.

Clean and tidy spaces.

Candles in my room and my lamp on while reading in bed.

A cheeky pint on my way home when I hadn’t planned to. (Things are always better when they’re spontaneous)

Listening to the rain but not being outside in it.


Positive people and enthusiasm.

The sea. Oh the sea makes me as cheerful as I’ll ever be. Being by the sea is so freeing and carefree. Come rain or shine give me a beach, sea breeze and good company and I’m there.

As the weather tries to eek out winter and prolong the springtime, I felt it appropriate to write a post about all things good in life. These things make me happy, and happiness makes life good.

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