In a crazy world where good things happen.

3. From about 3pm onward recently I have found tiredness getting in the way of my smile and upbeat enthusiasm. I’m done. It’s as if the business slows along with my energy. It is during this time period when good stories get me through. The other day I was getting faded when a lady came… Continue reading In a crazy world where good things happen.

Dalliance (Part 3)

He was the first person to decide things for her. He was the first to control when she got up, what she did in a day, what time she left to go home and what time she would be going out again. He didn’t much care for fashion and particularly liked her style, it was… Continue reading Dalliance (Part 3)

Dalliance (Part 2)

Tonight’s spot was a darkening skyline, an empty field and spiky grass on their bottoms. They had forgotten a blanket, or rather they intentionally didn’t bring a blanket for fear somebody would notice their plan and follow them. They always wished to be alone on these special occasions. The sunset had been and gone in… Continue reading Dalliance (Part 2)

Dalliance (Part 1)

‘I’m tired. Shall we go to bed now?’ ‘You’re always tired, love.’ ‘I know, but the worrying makes me so tired I get sick.’ ‘You worry far too much. Chill out, it’s all going to be fine. ‘Please, honey. My eyes are literally drooping shut. I might never be able to open them again, you… Continue reading Dalliance (Part 1)

The Friend

“So, that’s all we have time for on the programme this week.” There’s a soothing aspect to having the radio on as a constant background noise. It is something that I feel strongly about and as a result, my house is never quiet. Whether I’m leaving it on so that Poppy, my Spaniel, doesn’t feel… Continue reading The Friend

The Divide

Jamie stood shivering as he awaited her arrival. “The train from Manchester Piccadilly is delayed. It is expected to arrive in twenty three minutes on platform 7B. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.” His nerves seemed to wobble more at this announcement which was given in such a mundane and unapologetic manner. The… Continue reading The Divide

Flight (part 3)

One more visit to the hospice before my flight and I know this will be the hardest visit yet. I am borrowing our neighbour’s car because mine is back in England and we sold Mammy’s once she got too poorly to drive. It was an impulse decision which we clearly hadn’t thought about properly because… Continue reading Flight (part 3)

Flight (part 2)

That was the great thing about this happening to a person like my Mam. She is such a strong lady that she made her cancer some sort of joke. A joke for her anyway. She’d constantly go on about how much we’d all miss her because she is possibly the greatest person to walk this… Continue reading Flight (part 2)

Flight (part 1)

It is the big day I have been looking forward to for so many years. For so long have I wanted to spread my horizons further than London’s south bank and the memories that I have of Dublin as a child. A place that I recently felt urged to return to yet I didn’t really… Continue reading Flight (part 1)

Missing (Part 3)

I walk around the side through the conifer trees so that I can hide behind a trunk if anybody should step outside. This route also gives me the option to peer in through the bifold doors to see where they all are in the house. A thought passes through me as to why I am… Continue reading Missing (Part 3)