Writing Magazine: a review

For over a year now I have been a proud subscriber of Writing Magazine. Each month another issue arrives through my letter box and I indulge in its variety of useful and interesting content. Every issue is packed full and thicker than your average magazine so I admit that sometimes a pile builds up beside… Continue reading Writing Magazine: a review

20 writing goals for 2020

Enter 10 writing competitions Finish book 2 Publish my debut novel Work hard Encourage others Finish my Writers Bureau Writing Course Attempt writing for radio Write more in different settings Write some happier fiction Keep it up with my blog (at least 2 posts a week) Earn some money from my writing(!) Attend literary events… Continue reading 20 writing goals for 2020

Missing (Part 3)

I walk around the side through the conifer trees so that I can hide behind a trunk if anybody should step outside. This route also gives me the option to peer in through the bifold doors to see where they all are in the house. A thought passes through me as to why I am… Continue reading Missing (Part 3)

Missing (Part 2)

My breathing is drastically increasing in pace, but I won’t stop until I find her. Each time the wind blows I jump as if someone is behind me or in case I miss a vital clue. The sounds of the birds and other creatures in nature makes me also second guess whether I am missing… Continue reading Missing (Part 2)

Missing (Part 1)

My face is numb, but I can still feel it. It is a weird sensation as if my cheekbones have turned to jelly and the feeling is slowly evaporating never to return, but in the present moment the physical awareness remains. The expression that I have been holding for the past fortnight won’t leave and… Continue reading Missing (Part 1)

The Disagreement

Jane and Oliver knew that they were late for lunch at the new pub that opened in the village last night, but they couldn’t leave during the debate. Both of them were very excited to try the new menu and see how the place had been transformed from its old ragged self into a shiny… Continue reading The Disagreement

Dining Room

Dad and I have been waiting for our starter for over fifteen minutes now since ordering and I am beginning to get impatient. The hunger is very real shown through the embarrassing grumbles in my stomach and the angry expression which I can feel upon my face so I try to take my focus elsewhere… Continue reading Dining Room