The lock down splurge…

I am sitting here in a sorry state. Addicted to my Fitbit, yet eating cake for breakfast. Enjoying a cuppa, yet moving cautiously due to a bad burn from a cuppa. A draining bank account from lock down spending.

Has anyone else splurged more than usual lately? I don’t know what’s got into me.

The other day I came home from work for a few hours and spent more than my weekly earnings in five minutes. I didn’t even plan it. It just happened.

It started with the Fitbit. My sister and I went on a long walk over the weekend and she had been given a Fitbit for her birthday. Her constant evaluation of how many steps we’d done and the number of calories burnt made me consider getting myself one. A week later and I’m hooked. I compete each night with my own sleep score, I walk the longer way to work to get my steps up and I log all my food, even the bad bits.

The next purchase was, again, not very essential. An Iphone. The New SE – a bargain. And one that I didn’t need.

A further splurge came in the form of face creams and moisturising products after a conversation with a nurse which led to a conversation with a beauty rep selling moituriser.

Oh, go on then, I’ll tell you the story…

Sunday morning. At my happy place. Glorious sunshine. Just about to enjoy my first coffee of the day before a relaxed morning. I was on a sun lounger. BIG MISTAKE. My sister passed me the boiling coffee and I swiftly spilled the lot over my lap. OUCH. She even asked if I wanted some cold in it!!!! The blisters grew, the wound worsened and after medical attention from two brilliant nurse friends I now know I’m very lucky that it didn’t get infected and I should’ve gone straight to A&E. Oops.

So yeah, I spent loads on creams and just this morning I was scrolling through Insta stories and now I’ve bought some sandals.

Not bad for a weeks splurge.

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