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In a crazy world where good things happen.


It was a Thursday. Nearing the end of another crazily manic week and my energy levels were rapidly decreasing.

I was starving. Like starving to the point where you forget you’re even hungry? Then all of a sudden it hits you like a wave and you fear you won’t be able to continue on. Obviously, I am being somewhat dramatic here, but still…you get the gist.

Recently my diet has been atrocious. It’s been a healthy (very unhealthy) mezze of copious amounts of alcohol. Usually a gin and tonic about 5pm, continuing through the evening. Onto the white wine and then finishing with red before crashing into an extraordinarily deep sleep.

I’m kidding, I don’t ONLY drink.

Other than the fantastic home cooked evening meal I am lucky enough to have cooked for me by my total professional chef of a friend (in my eyes, she should be), I mostly eat utter rubbish throughout the day. I even forget to eat occasionally which is kind of strange. Though I have had three salads which have been lovely.

Anyway, I am digressing.


I was contemplating what to have for my lunch/ emergency snack before falling over into a heap on the floor when customer followed customer, denying me of the time to make it.

A queue built up, three customers deep at which point I said to the lovely lady at the back of the queue that I would be with her in a moment.

She held a plate in her hand. On it was a large selection of bite sized portions of lemon drizzle cake. I love her. It was incredible.

I can still taste it now and I’m licking my lips.

Over the course of this lock down so far I reckon we’ve had around ten items baked for us. From coffee cake, to lemon drizzle, the best cookies you could dream of and various other mouthwatering treats.

We have the best customers. It’s lovely.

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