In a crazy world where good things happen.

Fresh oranges — Image by © Sprint/Corbis


This is the tiniest little snippet that gave me the biggest boost!

Like many, lots of families are getting into a routine of going for their one walk a day at the same time every day doing the same route. In a normal world, this would probably get a tad tedious. In today’s world, it is a highlight to many days.

I don’t blame them at all.

One particular family have no shame in admitting this is what they do and their pit stop at the shop is one highlight, always. Not only is it a highlight for them, but it’s also a highlight for us. We always have a laugh.

Their little girl is somewhat obsessed with orange Calippo Ice lollies. Not a bad choice. All was very well in her little world until the day came when we had run out COMPLETELY. Or should I say, so she thought…

I knew almost concrete certainly that there was one left, hiding discreetly in the wrong compartment. I was right. Of course I was. She was delighted.

The next day she was in again. My heart sank. She almost cried. I promised her that there would be more the following day. I promised a three year old. My mistake.

Our delivery was delayed. After a very diplomatic discussion, she let me off. THERE IS A GOD! Thankfully, for me, the delivery was only delayed by a single day and the next day she was thrilled. Once again. A very happy camper.

Good times.

The End.

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