I’m not crying, you are – Adulthood in a nutshell

I have a dear friend who always says about the importance of a good cry and no better time than the present for this to ring true. NB: This isn’t a negative post but more celebrating the goodness crying does for us all.

Being a girl, I am obviously aware of the feeling of wanting to cry for no reason. Of feeling so low like a dark cloud has come over me but nothing actually being wrong. But never before have I felt so overwhelmed as I have done recently and actually cried in the middle of the day without anyone noticing, brushed it off and got on with my day.

I now know how adults do it and can really appreciate the importance of a good cry.

Whether I can put it down to the pressures of work during this pandemic and the sheer overwhelming feeling of watching two seconds of the news, I don’t know. It certainly started during this time and in fact I’ve found it easier to cope knowing that it’s global and everyone is in the same boat.

I’ve always seen adults as so strong, but now I feel more they have to disguise their weakness. Yet crying isn’t week but more healthy.

The other day I cried in the middle of the day, cried whilst getting into my night clothes ready to enjoy the evening and cried on a mini dog walk with the happiest dog there is. Why? I’ve no idea, but boy did I feel fabulous afterwards.

As I’m getting older I certainly cry more but in a different way. When crying to release I feel stronger rather than ashamed. I cry in appreciation more and feel sincere rather than embarrassed. I cry at films and books and feel engrossed.

Crying is like the natural way of getting that first sip of wine after a stressful day. It’s like releasing your body of all tension and for a second before life starts again you feel totally and utterly free. A way of your body performing a huge sigh. Those breathing exercises so frequently performed during meditation that feel brilliant.

It’s SO GOOD. And so healthy.

I now fully understand anyone who tells me how important crying is.

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