In a crazy world where good things happen.


The world has gone mad. We are living in ridiculous times. However, among all the worry, the fear, the dreadful situations we are hearing about every single day – there are also really good, really lovely stories.

For example. The sun is out. I am in the garden enjoying 1 of 2 days off. I am writing this post from a sun lounger…A SUN BLOODY LOUNGER! In England. And I am considering at what time I can be bothered to walk ten steps into the kitchen to make myself a Gin and Tonic. Life is alright.

This sparked an idea for a mini blog series entitled: In a crazy world where good things happen. This is it. Post numero uno.

I don’t know how often I will post parts of this series. It might be more than my usual target of two posts a week. Who knows? It depends how many good things happen.

But, and in the nature of how my blog has always been, I am noticing a lot of snippets of material lately. So I thought I would share some of the good stories with you. Let’s face it, we’ve all had just about enough of the moaning and negativity.

Good Friday is always a good Friday. We open for only half the day. It’s usually quiet and we usually get closed up by midday ready to enjoy the first part of the bank holiday weekend.

This one was different. Chaos from start to finish. A later finish. We made it home by 3pm.

Each time it kept quietening up, more chaos happened and we had to push back closing for another hour. Another hour seemed like another week when we were as tired as we were. A part of this chaos was in the Post Office.

A lovely lady came to us asking if we would take over one hundred parcels. She had been clearing out her loft and sold a lot of puzzles online. Of course we would, we never turn people away.

Genius in this current climate I say, you’ve hit a market there!

She had already been turned away from a few places so we felt even happier to be able to help. Working through the parcels my eyes turned blurry. We were nearing the end of the busiest week ever and we are all shattered.

Feeling good having completed them before close ready for the post the following day, we left.

Saturday morning we were closing up. In came the lovely lady for her change and receipts, ever thankful for our efforts. In one hand she took the receipts and money left over, in the other she handed us a huge box of chocolates. No need, but gratefully recieved.

I thought that was a lovely story.

These tokens of thanks go a very long way.

NB: I have weeded a lot of the garden this morning, I’ve not only been a lazy arse.

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