In a crazy world where good things happen.


We were sitting in the sun, two peas in a pod. The best of friends.

The birds were louder than they have ever been. Ever. Maybe it was because there is less noise pollution without traffic. Or the birds are loving the fact that the world around them is less people-y?! We will never know.

The breeze was perfect.

I was wearing a new top which I loved. 1/10 items and I loved them all. AND THEY FIT! Unheard of. Yes, I fell into the lock down online shopping trap. ORDER! Why not? It felt great.

We were chatting about the exciting future. We were talking about food and which takeaway to order. We were discussing good things and good times.

I forgot to get us drinks.

We were looking at more lovely clothes and talking about lovely words. We were watching videos that made us smile. The warmth was thrilling on our skin. We discussed plans.

I forgot our needs for coffee and water.

We were chatting in the sun and it was so nice to be chatting when we weren’t so exhausted. So nice. We hadn’t just finished a long and tiring shift making conversation difficult. It just flowed. No slurring of words.

Though that’s usually down to alcohol.

Two best of friends just sitting letting the world spin. Letting time tick on but not having a care in the world. Sitting comfortably and quite content.

All was good.

It was a Sunday. We didn’t have to do anything. No pressing tasks at hand. The butterflies flew all around us. Nature was so loud. So wild. So lovely.

I forgot our drinks.

I just want to remember. I want to remember snippets like this from these times. When the world around us is so bizarre, unsafe and uncertain.

In this we weren’t actually doing anything. Just being. Treasure it. It is in the moment we must live. Times like these we must cherish. Especially now.

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