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This is my third post this week. Not bad. It beats my usual record but could be better as a lot of good stories have come out of this week.

This week has been a whirlwind. It’s been a week that could have turned out horrendously but actually turned out great. In short, it’s been pretty incredible…AND EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!

It began when a situation which could have had the worst outcome ever, had the absolute best possible outcome. An eagerly anticipated result came after a long long wait. The business increased and the tiredness got the better of us sometimes, dampening our spirits.

But, and of course on top of it all, there were some lovely stories during this awful time. Stories which we must cling on to. Stories which will get us through.

I hope my snippets brighten your day wherever you are.

I’ll tell you one tale now and leave other snippets to be told throughout next week in case it all turns to shit. Hopefully there will just be more and more good insights so a good news pile will build up for me to work through next weekend, and the next.

During this terrible time music has helped us at work a lot. It has helped to keep what always has been a positive environment, positive. We’ve had playlist after playlist attempting to lift our moods and keep our spirits up.

When reaching the brink of exhaustion a happy tune plays and we smile (and sometimes dance) continuing to embrace our weighing out of flour, pasta, tea bags, fairy liquid capsules, boxing up orders etc etc.

It’s amazing the power of music. It always has been and I think it always will be.

Well, on Thursday afternoon we had the music playing through my phone. Each time I got a text it quietened. Text after text and I wondered what had happened. Surely the orders weren’t coming in that thick and fast?!

It turned out, word on the street, we had a shout out on the radio to thank us for all we’re doing currently to help.

We were on the radio. BBC RADIO 2. Steve Wright in the afternoon. Such a boost.

It really was lovely, it gave us the boost we needed and we thank you lots whoever took the time to ring in!

A happy story in among all this madness. More to come, stay tuned… 😉

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