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The Irish Influence

I have a lot of Irishness in my life. My first boss was Irish, my second boss is Irish and my debut novel is filled with Irish people and references. I have many friends who are Irish, some of the best ones – they are Irish. On my travels I met so many lovely Irish people. There is something so special about the Irish.

I love them.

Their positivity…

It is infectious and I find that time spent with lots of Irish people provides that boost to continue with a positive outlook. Not slating the English, but we do have a tendency to be more negative or jump to the worst conclusions. Irish always see the best or can tip a bad situation on it’s head and look at it more clearly.


It just oozes out of them. All Irish people I know will do anything to help. They go out of their way and always have a solution. The sort of crowd you can ring in the early hours and be sure to be saved.


… is another adjective I’d use to describe Irish folk. While I’m not religious I am envious of some of the Catholic beliefs. The strong reliance on religion and the strict sticking to the ways. We all say how loved ones we’ve lost may be around us but I’ve never believed it more than when listening to my Irish friends telling me about loved ones remaining with them. It’s truly so special and something that influences how I live and remember.

The joy they bring.

A room full of Irish people is always full of laughter. Unless, of course, it is inappropriate and the situation must be taken seriously, only then will they be less light hearted and full of fun.


They hang on to fate and now so do I. The belief that everything happens for a reason rings truer each day that I live and has helped me through many tough times. Thank you for making me believe.

If you’re Irish, and I know you personally then this is about you. I thank you for your influence on my life.



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