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My Publishing Journey: the decision

Shortly after receiving my publishing contract I returned to reality. I put a serious head on and I realised I needed to make a very important decision.

I researched my publishers online, I read about the different forms of publishing, I read and re-read the contract and then passed it onto my brother for advice.

I soon realised that this was a big decision to make. Nowadays there are so many options within the publishing industry and so many success stories within each route taken that it opens up so many opportunities to consider.

Reading through the industry jargon hurt my head which is why it was also great to get people who know about contracts to translate to me in layman’s terms.

I contacted people who have worked in publishing for years. I considered advice from the society of authors. I emailed my long list of questions to the publishers directly. I weighed up the pros and cons.

I had more sleepless nights worrying, fretting, wondering, learning. I discovered how clueless I am and how everything will be a valuable lesson. I asked for the opinions of those closest to me.


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