My Writing Season

I could say that my favourite writing season is in the spring with the dawn of a new year and the happiness of new life everywhere. Springlike scenes of snowdrops and lambs, the sound of young birds chirping at their mothers, asking to be fed.

I could say that my favourite writing season is the summer time bringing the warm outdoors and one of my preferred places in which to write. Content in my outside setup feeling the sun on my face and having lots of energy throughout the day. Longer days so I don’t feel so tired but rather inspired to write more with more ideas and a greater flow.

I could say that my favourite writing season is autumn, the colours on the trees bringing beautiful scenes to write about and describe. The darkening days and much more rain so there is plenty of time to sit inside and write.

I could say that my favourite writing season is winter with darkness filling the space so there is nothing to do but write. Though tiredness presents itself, when better to think up ideas but while falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning? Especially when outside is so black and the days aren’t very welcoming, encouraging you to stay in bed rather than get out of it.

Instead though, I’ll say that I have no favourite writing season but I certainly have times when I write best. The morning. The sunshine. High energy days. Low energy days. Days when I need to escape. Days when I must tell the world everything.

During the process of writing my first novel I initially planned to write a few chapters a week. Of course I did, I started in the spring! A month down the line and that plan had changed. Sometimes a chapter, occasionally two and sometimes not even half.

Writing inspiration appears in the most random ways, there is no structure at all. That is being a creative I suppose!

You never know when it’ll happen but when it does embrace it and write and write and write!

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