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My perfect writing day

My perfect writing day would begin with a wake up time of something later than 7AM! It would probably be a Sunday (no work – yay!) and so I won’t feel guilty for lying in until around 8 o’clock.

I will get up and boil the kettle to make myself a first cup of tea which I will enjoy with a tasty lemon yum yum and my book. I love having time to read other people’s work and I love taking the time to read without constantly staring at the clock thinking about how long I have until I have to get to leave the house.

Having read and drank and gained inspiration for my own writing, I will get up and boil the kettle for a second cup of tea which I will enjoy in silence, just thinking. I may be writing inside my head or simply allowing the ideas to bounce around my mind before I begin the serious business of getting them down onto paper.

Next I will mediate. Just for five minutes but a meditation settles my mind and puts me in the correct mental space in which I write best.

Then it’s all about my setup. In the summer months this will be more commonly in the garden, in the winter it’s usually at my desk, but ALWAYS it consists of coffee, water, maybe snacks, an incense burning, my diary and my laptop.

Then I will write. And write. And write.

No time restraints, no noise, just me, myself and my imagination…

Wine comes later after a successful amount of work has been done. That’s the perfect writing day for me!

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