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My Perfect Writing Day

On my own terms. Preferably a day off from my day job. Waking up on my own accord and consuming two lovely hot beverages; be it tea or coffee, equally lovely, before doing anything else. I would usually begin with reading something entirely unrelated to whatever it is I plan to write. For at least one hour. It gets the creative juices flowing. I then need to change. Even if it’s not a shower-and-get-ready-for-the-day type change, I just need to change. It puts me mentally in the right head space. Next I must walk or inhale some form of fresh air, ideally by the sea. Set up. A desk like setup but not necessarily a desk. A kitchen table, an upright chair and table, I’ve even been known to work at a kitchen breakfast bar and work well. Now I’m ready to begin. Write write write. Until the creativity fades. I often find it useful to have blog post ideas to flit back and forth to. For some reason mixing up what I’m writing so that my mind isn’t solely focused on one project really helps to keep the creativity alive. If my focus is fading after three chapters of novel writing, writing a short blog post or piece for something entirely unrelated helps to recharge the batteries. I don’t know why.

That’s how I do it, that’s my perfect writing day.

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A Place That I Love

There’s this place that I go to and one that I absolutely love. It’s just down the road but it sometimes feels like a million miles away. Everything changes here everything is different. Slower. More chilled. Less stressful. I’VE WRITTEN THREE CHAPTERS. IT’S 1PM. THIS USUALLY TAKES ME TWO WEEKS…AT LEAST.

Everything about going to this place is bliss. From the moment I get into the car until I get out again once home. The journey is part of the trip. Hugely. I love podcasts but I rarely find the time to listen to them. I mean actually listen. I’ll often have one playing while I’m changing the bed or tidying up but my focus is never fully on it. Working in retail my days are full of small talk and putting on fronts no matter how I am feeling. There is sometimes nothing better than getting into the car and just listening. Driving and listening. No better way to switch off.

Yesterday I fit two brilliant podcasts into my journey. Both on Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place series and both recorded during the pandemic so, as you can imagine, both very interesting chats. One was with Robbie Williams and the other Russel Brand. If you haven’t already, go listen.

There’s no place where I am more chilled. I sleep, eat, drink, read, drink, eat, read, write. I even had a mini party the last time I was there. A party with me, myself and I. Very 2020. I sang and watched Strictly dances over and over and challenged myself to finish the bottle of wine. I did it! Of course I did.

It’s a place on the coast. The Suffolk coast. And whenever I am there, there’s no place I’d rather be.

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My small and local Christmas shop

This year has been different, dreadful and dire for small businesses. Month after month businesses were faced with new restrictions to work with on top of losing business altogether during each lockdown.

I remember sitting at home after a long week at work and watching the news. It was just after Liverpool were put into Tier 3 of restrictions and pubs had to close…AGAIN. I felt tired, gloomy and considered how much longer I could carry on this way. Until I heard her. Until I heard a lady on the news crying out of despair. She wasn’t asking for any more financial support from her boss because she recognised that he was in as desperate situation as her. She wasn’t asking for anything. She was just sobbing at a hopeless situation.

It brought it all into perspective and I felt grateful.

This is why this year I set myself a challenge. Christmas shopping for me in the most recent years has always been a rush. I work in retail and Christmas is our busiest time. I go to bed at night thinking about Turkeys, Hams, Fruit and Veg. By 24th December I know what half of Suffolk are having on their tables the next day, item by item. It’s so easy to head to Amazon and have everything bought within the space for three hours. But Amazon are doing fine.

This year is so different.

I decided I would start my shopping early and on each Sunday during lockdown 2.0 I spent a little time searching. I was well prepared so I wasn’t panicked and my aim was to buy EVERYTHING from small and, if possible, local businesses.

Guys, I think I’ve done it! And I am very happy with my gifts. I even received a package the other day and on the label was a handwritten message thanking me for buying from a LOCAL, FAMILY business. It made me feel warm inside.

Here are a few small businesses I’ve used if anyone is struggling for ideas:

Cocoa May

UK Inside & Out

Pom Pom Etoile

Yorkshire Blankets

All blog posts can be found at and to read my published work visit my portfolio. My debut novel, Dear Brannagh, is out now.

Adulthood Non-fiction Observations

The Irish Influence

I have a lot of Irishness in my life. My first boss was Irish, my second boss is Irish and my debut novel is filled with Irish people and references. I have many friends who are Irish, some of the best ones – they are Irish. On my travels I met so many lovely Irish people. There is something so special about the Irish.

I love them.

Their positivity…

It is infectious and I find that time spent with lots of Irish people provides that boost to continue with a positive outlook. Not slating the English, but we do have a tendency to be more negative or jump to the worst conclusions. Irish always see the best or can tip a bad situation on it’s head and look at it more clearly.


It just oozes out of them. All Irish people I know will do anything to help. They go out of their way and always have a solution. The sort of crowd you can ring in the early hours and be sure to be saved.


… is another adjective I’d use to describe Irish folk. While I’m not religious I am envious of some of the Catholic beliefs. The strong reliance on religion and the strict sticking to the ways. We all say how loved ones we’ve lost may be around us but I’ve never believed it more than when listening to my Irish friends telling me about loved ones remaining with them. It’s truly so special and something that influences how I live and remember.

The joy they bring.

A room full of Irish people is always full of laughter. Unless, of course, it is inappropriate and the situation must be taken seriously, only then will they be less light hearted and full of fun.


They hang on to fate and now so do I. The belief that everything happens for a reason rings truer each day that I live and has helped me through many tough times. Thank you for making me believe.

If you’re Irish, and I know you personally then this is about you. I thank you for your influence on my life.



All blog posts can be found at and to read my published work visit my portfolio. My debut novel, Dear Brannagh, is out now.