The Girl On The Train: Review

I know I am very late to the party, but I just had to write a review on Paula Hawkins’ brilliantly gripping book – The Girl on the Train.

I was handed this book by a friend on her high recommendation. Judging by the whispers I had heard and also the impression given from the front cover, I text her on a Sunday evening asking whether it was an appropriate read before bed or if I’d be scared. “No, but you’ll stay up all night reading it!” Came her honest reply.

As tired as I was after a heavy Saturday night drinking, this wasn’t the case but a desperate effort to read in any window of time that I got, under a week later and the book was finished.

From the style to the plot, the pages turned without me noticing and before I knew it I had read a hundred pages or more. The fact that these lives I was reading about could be the lives of anyone I know, or even my own life if I ever got into a tricky situation, resonated within me on an uncomfortable but interesting level, and the fact that it all came from the observations from the girl on the train I found an extremely clever angle.

Constantly guessing the outcome and finally finding that my last guess was the right one satisfied me as a reader but also left me angry at mankind (men) in how they treat and manipulate women, which of course can be done the other way around but in this instance wasn’t, sorry guys!

The way that the girls come together at the end and it being a fairly hopeful ending, not without drama of course, left me with no disappointment and I am going to leave it at that, without watching the film becasue I have been told it has nothing on the book.

Thank you Paula Hawkins, for providing me with a great read, an escape, and lots of inspiration.

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