Rejection wasn’t the end of it all. Rejection was only the start of success.

As a writer I have experienced many rejections so far. Some expected, some not necessarily but all taken in a positive light trying to keep focused and let the constructive mindset remain.

From not hearing back from newspapers and magazines, to being told that my work isn’t what they are looking for and most recently to my novel receiving only a few rejections so far – I can say I have experience in this well-known aspect of being a writer.

One common denominator each time I have received the dreaded email is that every single one has been motivating and good. Yes, they have rejected my work but each industry professional that I have encountered has been extremely encouraging in doing so.

The industry is subjective. Somebody elsewhere may love your work in a way that is essential for publication. Others may feel differently. We wish you every success. Keep going. Don’t give up. These are just a few of the supportive statements that I have received.

Each time I feel down about it all for a split second, forgetting how much I love what I do which stands above everything else, I read about other authors who were once in my boat.

J.K.Rowling is the obvious example, receiving 12 rejections for her first pitch for the Harry Potter series. Now the only billionaire to lose status as a billionaire due to donating so much money (that she had a surplus supply of) to charity.

Agatha Christie endured five years of continual rejection before landing a book deal. Her book sales now in excess of $2 billion (only William Shakespeare sold more).

Dr Seuss was told that his work was too different to warrant a place on the market. His work has now had 300 millions sales and he remains the 9th best-selling fiction author of all time.

Obviously, each individual is/was extremely talented which is a huge influence on their success. Obviously, they worked hard to get to the level that they reached. But all I am saying is that each hugely successful career began with rejection. Rejection wasn’t the end of it all. Rejection was only the start of success.

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