5 mantras to take with you through 2019

A week in to 2019 and I’m feeling good. The sun is shining, my desk is free of clutter and my candles are lit. A very zen environment in which to work.

Last year, though full of great things, was a year during which I still didn’t crack the pathway to a stress free life. In fact I still found myself getting hung up about the most ridiculous of things.

Some things I couldn’t alter, so there was no point worrying about them. Some things I could, so I did. Some things I thought best I should but realised that it was unnecessary.

While I was wining and dining with my sister back in December before being loyal daughters and attending our mother’s second choir concert of the festive period, we came up with some mantras to remember.

By mantra in this context I mean short sayings to repeat to yourself when in need. Little things to instantly remove the stress when a situation starts to get too much. Now, though I know that life is a huge learning curve and it takes years of practice to get it right, I feel these are a good place to start.

  1. be your own happiness

Too often in life do we rely on others to make us happy. Be it our friends, partners or even our dog. Of course, all of these things add to your happiness but how can you be truly happy if you don’t make your own self that way.

The issue is that everyone has their own lives, their own responsibilities, their own troubles and worries, and by letting them be your happiness means that when they’re down you are too.

By being your own happiness not only can you remain happy in a crowd of sad folk, but you can lift the spirit of others too.

*inserts one of my favorite quotes* ‘If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.’

2. you’ve got this

You so have. You are enough. You are doing great.

In an age of social media where everyone’s lives are splayed out in a show of perfection on the Internet when in reality it probably isn’t all so wonderful, you’re often led into a false sense of comparison in that your life might not live up to those of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers.

Yet by being happy with your lot and knowing that you are absolutely enough, you can rest easy, be happy for those you love but also content with everything that creates you.

3. it ain’t that deep

Ever sat on your own and turned one tiny thought into something massive? Often before falling asleep at night all of your worries turn up at once and before you know it you’re panicking about something that won’t happen for at least thirty years? Familiar? I thought so.

In times like this remember these four words: ‘it ain’t that deep’. Nothing is. Prioritise what is important and then go back to what you were worrying about. It usually isn’t worth your time or worry. Trust me, I know.

4. let it go

Let it go. Three very important words that can relieve stress in an instant. Throughout your day I’m sure you’ll get angry at something tiny, get jealous about something ridiculous or get hung up about something insignificant. This is when you should think about these sayings, you’ll instantly feel better about it.

5. you’re doing alright

Life isn’t easy but it’s beautiful. Nobody (I am so sure) ever nails it entirely before they snuff it, but I am also pretty certain that you get better as time goes on at coping with things, noting what is important, what is worth the worry and halving your troubles each time you reassess.

For now though, remember that you are doing alright, you are enough and you are so loved by so many and you love so many as well.


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