2020. What a year so far. Shall we just draw a black line through it and start again? I think maybe we should.

I personally started the year with so much enthusiasm and positivity. I think we all did. It just sounds good, right? 2020.

Even numbers, round figures, a new decade and Brexit to finally happen within the first month. It was all looking so good and maybe we’d start to hear about something else in the media.

Was I right or was I right? I was right about one thing. Brexit isn’t so ‘boom boom boom’ in our faces. Instead we had storm after storm after bloody storm. Both physically and metaphorically. I love the wind but I was beginning to lose the plot with it all.

My social plans were being cancelled left right and centre – I just wasn’t risking the fury I would get into if I got on a train. Cancelled. I mean, eight hours to get back from Worcester on a Sunday, my only day off, no thank you. I wouldn’t even see my friends and that was the point of going.

It’s all too much. Bad news after bad bad sad news. Terrible. It’s really made me reevaluate life and attempt to see things from a new perspective. I haven’t cracked it quite, but I’m working hard to break through the fog.

I spent last weekend at the coast to switch off from it all, to step off this crazy world for a day or two. It worked. The buzzing chill took longer to set in than it usually does, but after 24 hours it was firmly within me.

I had experienced some of the Coronavirus chaos in witnessing the panic buying, the empty shelves and the fighting talk over loo roll, but driving down the country roads of Suffolk on Monday morning, I felt quite peaceful.

I came into work and BAM. It was everywhere. Our village shop was getting hit in the madness. Unable to keep up with the increasing stock demand. The wholesalers shelves are empty. The news and figures are terrifying. How much alcohol needs to be in a hand sanitiser and if I have that same amount within my own body is that the same?!

Everybody, quite rightly, is washing their hands profusely. It’s all we are talking about. Quarantine isn’t a word I thought would be flying around in March 2020. Lockdown. Self isolation.


I’m clinging tightly onto the positives in attempt to remain sane. I will work as hard as I can.

I will work to stay clean and be responsible in containing the virus.

I will work hard to keep my place of work functioning as a vital means within our small community if lockdown should happen (and of course before it does) and I will help as many people around me as possible.

I will work hard on my attitude to look at life differently. I’ll try not to bloody moan so much and be kinder to those around me.

I will work hard to be happier in general because in all of this how else can you be? I mean, spring is here and it’s getting warmer. Last night we sat outside for a drink. OUTSIDE!

It’s crazy times and we’ve all got to get through it. That’s all we can do. Meanwhile I’m going to look up that alcohol stat, reckon I can handle more than four G&Ts this evening 😉

Take care everyone, stay safe x

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